For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. I Timothy 6:7  

Everything we have belongs to God. I was reminded of this stark reality recently as I stood in my yard and watched the house across the street suddenly burn – a total loss. My heart is heavy as my neighbors work through the process of grief and rebuilding their lives. The flames engulfed their home so quickly that nothing was able to be saved except the clothes on their backs. 

We can easily find our lives focused around the accumulation of possessions. But the reality of life is the Kingdom of God is the only thing that will last for eternity. It is what really matters. My neighbor’s perspective is good. As I conveyed my support, her response was, “I couldn’t take it to heaven anyway.” 

After significant trauma, our perspectives for life are often reset. Every day as I look out my window, I have a visual reminder of the tragedy. I can’t help but ponder, “What am I doing today that is going to make a difference for eternity?” 

All that we have, all that we are, all that we can do is a gift from God, given to accomplish His purpose in the world through us.

Sarah Granger
Marketing Consultant
The Free Methodist Foundation

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