Saturday |  September 26, 2020

Join us in October as several of our conferences host Facebook Live events.  We invite you to attend any of these events on Sunday evenings at 6 pm on October 11th, 18th and 25th.  Even if you are not part of the host conference, you are welcome.
We have a special guest you will not want to miss.  A great friend from one of our churches in Indiana will be sharing his story on surviving Covid-19.  He caught the virus early on and lost seven of his co-workers.  You are going to want to hear his story!  
We will be sharing updates and information on how to “Virus Proof” your documents and keep your plans up to date.  Are you missing any important documents? Are all of your documents up to date?  During these unprecedented days we have been busier than ever helping our friends keep their plans up to date.  Sometimes even a minor change can make a big difference.  We all need to be sure our “house is in order” for the unexpected events of life. We will be discussing things to think about and taking questions.
Sign-up is very simple on Facebook at:, click on the EVENTS tab and look for the time that is best for you. 


If you would like more information on how to share these events or host an event like this through your church, please contact Tim Burkhart at 317-714-3377.




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401(k) Retirement Plans
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IRS Highlights Tax Credits to Encourage Employment
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Flexible Deferred Gift Annuity
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