Saturday |  August 8, 2020

How do you remember things on your “to do” list?  Maybe you put a reminder in your phone or leave yourself a note in a place you can’t help but see it.  Perhaps you ask your spouse or a friend to remind you. A while ago, I found a creative way to remind myself to do some of those tasks that are important, but not urgent … those tasks that I say “I’ll get around to it someday.” I carry a small coin-sized piece of wood called a “ROUND TUIT”.  The ROUND TUIT says, “For years you’ve heard ‘I”ll do it as son as I get a ROUND TUIT.’ Now that you have your own, you can accomplish all those thigs you put aside until you got this ROUND TUIT.”

Preparing or updating your estate plan probably fits in that category as important but not urgent.  Yes, you could do it this week or this month, but you could also do it later this year, or even next year.  It’s not surprising that this thinking results in many people never getting around to preparing their estate plan at all.  They need a ROUND TUIT to remind them. Though this wooden coin is not spendable, the reminder it gives can be extremely valuable. We have recently worked with people that finally got their estate plan done after years of procrastination … only to find they needed the documents much more quickly than they anticipated!  

Each of the Regional Representatives of FMF Financial Services stands ready to assist you in creating or updating your plan.  During this coronavirus pandemic we have all spent more time at home.  Now can be the perfect time to get around to your estate plan.  Your Regional Representativecan meet with you by telephone or via Zoom if you prefer.  Why not give them a call to set up an appointment? Perhaps today can be the day you get a ROUND TUIT! 

Article by Dr. Cary Holman
Regional Representative
FMF Financial Services

Contact Cary Holman:
Phone: (618) 267-5213



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