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Stewardship Well Done Journey

Step 9 – LEGACY

Roadblock #3 – It’s Too Complicated!


Each industry has its own language. Theologians speak of eschatology, sanctification, and hermeneutics. Musicians discuss vibrato, toccatas, and cadence. Auto mechanics refer to catalytic converters, powertrains, and struts. Unless you are experienced in a particular industry, chances are you may need a dictionary to understand what is being said.


Legacy professionals also use terms you probably don’t hear every day. Terms like charitable remainder unitrust, bequest, split interest gift, appreciated property, qualified charitable distribution, or donor advised fund. But these are simply tools in the legacy toolbox to help you accomplish your goals. It is not necessary for you to understand each one in order to have a conversation.


When you are ready to talk about your legacy, we are ready to listen. Forget the terms and jargon, just tell us your stories, ideas, and dreams. We will listen and then explain the tools we think will maximize the impact of your legacy. It’s really that simple!



How to Get COVID Funeral Assistance Funds
I lost my 78-year-old parent to COVID-19 in 2021 and want to find out if I am still eligible for the government funeral assistance program. What can you tell me about this?
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How to Give Property to Children
Parents have a number of reasons for making gifts to children. First, a parent should have sufficient resources for retirement and for long-term care needs before making substantial gifts.
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IRS Offers New Voice “Bot” Service
In IR-2022-127, the Internal Revenue Service announced it is expanding its voice bot options. The new service is focused on taxpayers who would like to set up or modify a payment plan.
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Gift Annuity for Real Estate
Jonathan purchased a home many years ago for $80,000. The home has appreciated substantially over the years and is now worth $420,000.
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