Saturday | June 11, 2022

Stewardship Well Done Journey

Step 9 – LEGACY

Roadblock #1 – What do you mean?


A quick google search for businesses near our corporate office using “legacy” in their name include: 1) a gym; 2) an assisted living facility; 3) a dry cleaner; 4) a printing company; 5) a bakery; 6) a barber shop; 7) a golf club; 8) a furniture repair shop; and 9) a church. With such a variety of applications, what exactly do we mean when we refer to LEGACY as the final step on the Stewardship Well Done Journey?


Simply put, Step 9 is the culmination of all you have previously done on the Stewardship Well Done Journey. It is the WHY behind all the work. Each of our lives will tell a story to those left behind, and no two stories will be exactly alike. Why not use your finances to tell part of your story … and part of God’s kingdom story?


In Step 1 on the journey, you stated your priorities. Steps 2 – 8 are all about making those priorities a reality. Step 9 is about LIVING your priorities … during your lifetime and beyond. There is a common misconception that your legacy only goes into effect after you are gone. The truth is you don’t need to wait! Every day we assist friends in living out their priorities by maximizing the value of an asset that has grown over time and using it to provide for family, retirement, and God’s Kingdom. If God is leading you today, let’s have a conversation and get started!



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