Saturday |  April 11, 2020


This Easter will certainly be one to remember! Even though many of us are sheltering at home, we have heard many creative ways people are connecting and expressing their worship. No matter where we are, Easter is not cancelled. He is Risen!

If your church has an online church service, we encourage you to attend. In addition to attending your local church, you might also want to look in on another Free Methodist congregation. Perhaps you grew up in a different FM church, or were married in a special place. Never before have so many churches been so accessible! Our staff members have visited quite a few. We have been encouraged to experience such diverse and amazing worshipping communities across the country. The Free Methodist Church is alive and well!

To find a particular Free Methodist congregation, use this link: Enter the name of a specific church, or the city and state where you wish to find a church, then click on the pinpoints that appear on the map. There will be a link to the church’s website where you can find out about online services.

Ideas to Celebrate Easter 2020: 

  • Watch some of your favorite Easter movies. Take time as a family to reflect on the movie and share.
  • Create your own family worship service. Put different family members in charge of music, scripture, prayer, drama and teaching.  Ask shy family members to be in charge of recording the service.
  • Create a “worship jar” with favorite songs, scripture, prayers and devotional readings. Draw one at a time and create your own worship service order. 
  • Watch the sunrise as a family. Record it with your phone, play Easter music, sing, pray and read scripture.
  • Create a family testimony video. Have each family member take 60 seconds to share about God’s provision, what Jesus means to you, and what Easter means. Record, compile and share the clips.
  • Use various online means or phones to connect and worship remotely with family members that are farther away.
  • Take a picture of yourselves worshipping and post to your favorite social media.




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