Saturday |  March 27, 2020


During the month of March, we have focused on Step 3 on the Stewardship Well Done Journey, which is making sure you have essential documents such as a will and powers of attorney in place. If you haven’t completed this step, unfortunately, you are in good company. Consider the following*:

  • 55% of Americans die without a will or estate plan
  • 35% of Americans who have personally experienced, or know someone who has personally experienced, family conflict as the result of not having an estate plan
  • 52% of older Americans do not have a financial power of attorney
  • 33% of older Americans have never discussed end-of-life plans with their family
  • 71% of Americans say having a well thought out estate plan would help them feel like a good spouse or parent
  • 74% of Americans believe estate planning is a confusing topic
  • 53% of Americans say it is difficult to find an adviser they trust to create an estate plan

FMF Financial Services can certainly help these statistics! We have a wealth of information on our website concerning wills, trusts, financial powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney, and living wills. Our representatives are experts at taking the confusion out of estate planning. Despite the events of the last year, we were able to help with over 200 essential documents requests 2020. We would be honored to be your trusted source to help you get these essential documents in place! Contact us today to begin the conversation.

*statistics from



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