Saturday | February 19, 2022

Due to a technical issue, the article from last week on HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH is included below with the correct link. Next week we will begin to cover roadblocks to saving for retirement. Stay tuned!

Stewardship Well Done Journey

Roadblock #3 – How much is enough?

Single or double scoop of ice cream? One week of vacation, or two? 64 GB or 128 GB of memory on your cell phone? Kick the extra point, or go for the two-point conversion? Will a 20-pound turkey feed 12 people at Thanksgiving? HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH?

We hear this question a lot when it comes to establishing an emergency fund. If you have consumer debt, we encourage you to first work toward setting aside $1000 in your emergency fund. Even this small amount can provide peace of mind when the car needs repairs or the furnace stops working. And it allows you to concentrate on paying down your consumer debt and getting rid of those pesky high interest rates.

Once you are free of consumer debt, a good rule of thumb is to have 3-6 months’ worth of expenses in your emergency fund. This prepares you for more catastrophic emergencies such as a loss of income or a major medical expense. If you have extenuating circumstances (pre-existing medical condition, a job that is hard to replace, etc.), it might even be wise to save up to a year’s worth of expenses.

Some may be concerned that establishing a healthy emergency fund is hoarding wealth or a demonstration of a lack of faith.

These thoughts can lead to some healthy Bible study and discussion. We encourage you to consider the story of Joseph in Genesis 41 when God used him to prepare Egypt for seven years of famine. Also consider I Timothy 5:8 which instructs us to provide for our own families. An emergency fund provides purposeful planning so we can take care of our families today and in the future when the unexpected occurs.



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