Saturday |  November 28, 2020

Thanksgiving has just helped us to remember all that we have to be thankful for. Even during a significantly difficult year, we can honestly say we are blessed! God’s daily provision helps us maintain an attitude of gratitude. 

During the Thanksgiving season, I often remember a trip I took to Africa. On a Sunday morning, we were the only church attenders to arrive in a car. But the church was still full of attenders who had walked a number of miles. It was a wonderful day of worship and celebration as we shared our love for Jesus across cultural differences. After the service we were fed a wonderful meal.  As we were leaving, I heard a desperate screech behind me in the back seat. We had graciously been given a live chicken as a gift for visiting the church! These new friends who comparatively had so little had shared so much with us.

We may feel that we have very little, but God still has a plan for us.  Everything we have came from Him and we are simply His stewards. Have you considered talking to God about the plan He has for all He has entrusted to your care? If you would like help in this conversation, FMF is here to listen.  We have found these conversations to be sacred times where God speaks. Your obedience to His voice can make a huge difference in eternity. 

Is God calling you to go “above and beyond” with your giving this year? Giving Tuesday is only a few days away and is just one way to consider giving during this holiday season. In last week’s enewsletter we shared some creative ways of giving through securities or your IRA. It has been fun to watch these amazing gifts bless God’s ministries in incredible ways. Let us know if we can assist you with a gift!  

We encourage you to help us continue this story on our Facebook page. Would you share this article with some of your friends or leave a comment? We would love to hear examples of how God has blessed you and how you have been a blessing to others through your giving. Also, you may email or simply call us and we would be honored to listen and share in a more confidential setting.  

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VP – Estate and Gift Planning
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