Saturday | October 30, 2021

Stewardship Well Done Journey

Step 2 – BUDGET

Roadblock #1 – Budgeting is not fun.


Homework. Taxes. Chores. Root canal. There’s no question that these words don’t create warm, fuzzy, feelings. In fact, they might make us cringe. For many, the word budget also falls into this negative category.


So let’s change the conversation. Instead of talking about creating a budget, let’s talk about allocating our funds. Merriam-Webster defines allocate as follows: 1) to divide and give out (something) for a special reason or to particular people, companies, etc.; 2) to set apart or earmark. Synonyms of allocate include apportion, distribute and designate.


In short, it’s all about putting your money to work for you. It’s taking control of your funds and making sure you are using them to fund and support the priorities you identified in Step 1. Whereas budgeting might feel restrictive and stressful, allocating brings power and freedom. You work hard for your income. You deserve to have the satisfaction of fully seeing that income work in your best possible interests.


We aren’t saying the allocating process will be a breeze. It involves serious thought and effort. But the results are absolutely worth it. Anyone feeling warm and fuzzy yet?



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