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Stewardship Well Done Journey
Step 3 – Essential Documents
Roadblock #2 – I Can’t Decide!

We work with many people who initiate essential documents, but never bring the process to completion. In many cases, they are tripped up because they can’t make a decision on an important element. Perhaps spouses don’t agree on the distribution, a “perfect” guardian can’t be found for the children, or they don’t want a family member to feel slighted. Whatever the reason, the process is stalled and the documents are never finalized.

The first step to moving forward in this situation is to acknowledge that the “perfect solution” likely doesn’t exist. But it is an act of good stewardship to make sure these decisions stay under your control and out of the court system. While the court has good intentions, the decisions it makes will likely be far less “perfect” than any decision you make.

If you are truly “stuck” on a decision, just ask yourself, “If the decision HAD to be made today, what would I do?”. Essential documents are easy to change as your life situation changes. So make the best decision you can today … and update in the future if necessary.



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