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We believe with effective counsel and management, each person can multiply the impact of the resources entrusted to their care.

What We Offer


Guidestream financial

GuideStream Financial provides personalized financial planning and diversified investment management from a Christian stewardship perspective.

GuideStream Financial’s calling is to help guide clients through life’s changing currents so they can more effectively achieve their long-term vision and goals.

free methodist investment
& loan fund

The Free Methodist Investment & Loan Fund exists to assist ministries of the Free Methodist Church in the acquisition, construction and expansion of physical facilities by providing meaningful investment opportunities to members and friends of the church.

estate & gift planning

The objective of Estate & Gift Planning is to facilitate professional consultation and comprehensive estate planning strategies for those with charitable hearts.

Estate and Gift Planning is a strategy as unique as the people we serve. It involves the way we acquire an asset, manage an asset and convey an asset to a new owner.




As our country continues to take steps to stop the spread of COVID-19, know that your entire team at FMF Financial Services is on the job each day and available to you via phone, Zoom, text, fax or email. FMF Financial has invested in all the tools needed for our team to continue serving you without missing a beat.

our history

The Free Methodist Church has a rich history of stewardship, beginning with B.T. Roberts’ focus on the gospel for the poor. From our earliest days, the Free Methodist Church laid a firm foundation of stewardship –in our individual lives, in our local churches, and together as a denomination. FMF Financial Services is humbled to be part of continuing this rich legacy.

Helping You Manage
The Resources Entrusted To Your Care


Stewardship: When you step back and consider what difference your life will make to your family, your neighbors and your community, you’ll ask questions like these: “How do I best use the resources and opportunities that have been entrusted to my care?” “How should I manage my time, abilities, education, heritage and financial resources?” “How do I direct these resources…and toward what goal?” At the FMF Financial Services, we are committed to helping you answer these questions and experiencing a life of Stewardship Well Done.

What is Stewardship? To us, it means effectively managing the gifts and resources entrusted to us by God. There’s a familiar passage in the Bible in which Jesus tells the story of a landowner who entrusts money to each of three servants. Later, he finds that two of the servants invested the money and watched it grow. The third servant buried the money, fearful that he would lose it. The two who put the resources to work were commended by their master. The third was sent away disgraced. Jesus tells this story to illustrate that, if we are good stewards with God’s gifts, we too will hear the words, “Well done!” So what has been entrusted to you that needs thoughtful management? Click here to begin the conversation or to find out more information about the resources available to you.

“Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s joy.” Matthew 25:21



We believe that with effective counsel and financial management, each person can multiply the impact of the resources entrusted to their care. 


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